It's time to use Hyogo in your server!

Hyogo is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server also features auto-moderation, administration, security, Music and much more!

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Our Main Features



The bot provide you with a security command called "SAFE MODE" to protect your server!



A lot of Administrator-Moderate commands that helps you manage your server easily!



A lot of other cool commands you may find it useful or even fun! and more coming soon!

Fast support

Hyogo has a very operative support team on discord which helps you to solve your problem


Hyogo is known for it security feature "SAFE MODE" to secure servers from malicious intentions upon your server

Easy Moderation

Hyogo provide you with a lot of moderation commands to manage your server easily without any trouble

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God speed

Hyogo provide you services with low latency to satisfy your commands as soon as possible

All In One

Hyogo provide you with almost all best features that exists in discord bots to be the best all in one bot you choose

Easy Commands

Hyogo provide you with most eazy commands and you even can change hyogo command prefix for your server to be eazy to use

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SAFE MODE take permissions or kicks for below events:

  • Creating a role
  • Deleting a role
  • Creating a channel
  • Deleting a channel
  • Kicking a member
  • Baning a member
  • Creating a webhook
  • Joining a bot

If the bot does not have administrator permission it will not be able to function and will turn off SAFE MODE automatically.

Hyogo as a moderation/security bot needs permissions to function, you have to make sure hyogo have administrator permission and hases a high role in hierarchy. If still you see errors please contact us on our discord server.

It is probably your server setted another prefix for the bot, you can mention the bot and it will tell you the current prefix. If this wasn't the problem please notify our support team to help you.